We observe that there has been a significant change in Turkish and world economy in recent years. A new period has commenced especially with the influence of technology and globalisation. We observe that there has been an increase in the opportunities, and “business ideas provide added value” in that new period. New success stories have different characteristics than the previous ones. Brand new works that reach the value of billions of dollars and new sectors emerge in short and medium term in the world. New ideas come to forefronts not only in new product development but also in business period. In this day and time, when equality of opportunities becomes more of an issue, our company which carries out its activities as Ihlas Fuarcılık is a well-known company thanks to its professional solutions to the business world. Realising its first organisation with Textile Machines Fair in 1988, our company locates at the centre of economic world with its success in publishing, approximately 100 professional organisations in fair, international congress organization, approximately 30 web sites and portals; and it directs customers with its innovative and solution-oriented structure. As Ihlas Mağaza Grubu, we are at the position of Turkey’s longest-established sectoral publishers with our sectoral and actual publications. Submitting projects oriented to the business world, our company proceeds on its way by increasing its works and successes.